Landscape Paintings of  the  Lake District .The Lingholm Estate Collection .


Resident Artist  Rob Miller RSA

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On this page you will find Paintings and Drawings of the LIngholm Walled garden.

Introduction . Though I love gardens and according to my partner I buy far to many flowers, my paintings have always been concerned with wide open spaces and natures wiildness. My garden at home refelcts this with a couple of small cottage garden style beds producing a riot of jumbled colour. The colour changes through the seasons as does the backdrop of Pennine Moors and valley woodlands. I can say to put it lightly that it has been a challenge and a change to focus on a garden which is not only controlled by a team of gardeners led by Ken Swift who I believe is a gardener of the highest quality, but is also contained my high walls. As always I have taken the long route focussing from the individual plant, to a planted corner and then to the whole garden imside and out. Working mostly in watercolour and acrylics with a couple of smaller oils I've attempted to simply the very complex structures of the planting. I've met some splendid people on the way as I painted and sketched in the garden and grounds. I have also raided Amazon, Ebay and Secod Hand bookstores to gather together a library of talent teachers from Sargent, Sorollo, Monet, Vulyard, Matisse, John Piper and Joan Eardley. Armed with this and some sessions of practice outdoors in my humble plot I aim to add being a garden painter to my trail of visual exploration,

Drawing and pen and was inside the Walled Lingholm Garden and inside my Pennine home studio.